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Spring 2023 Fa Zhan He


Spring 2023, ecological plantations of Fa Tang village near Fa Zhan He town

Lively daily drinker with a good bite


This tea was processed by Yubai is early March 2023. She stayed for three days in Fa Tang village. This is a better version of the tea we got in 2021, we selected the best gardens available and made sure the processing was done right.


Fa Zhan He is a town located close to Jingmai Mountain, we can see its western mountain range from our tea table.


We discovered Fa Tang in 2021, it is a hamlet in the North of Fa Zhan He. A large tea plantation was established decades ago, it seemingly went bankrupt and the gardens were bought by various locals. The tea trees grow between 1900m and 2100m, this is as high as it can get for conventional tea plantations. The low temperatures allow for an easy management without the use of pesticides because the pest and disease pressure is low under such a climate. The drawback to such a high altitude is the low yield, but this is good for producing the tea we're looking for.



The place is remote and unremarkable, it has no reputation whatsoever in the puerh tea industry, this is what makes it a good price for value.