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Spring 2024 Ba Ka Noy single trees


Spring 2024 harvest, single trees

Strong taste, thick texture, medium bitterness, deep Huigan




Ba Ka Noy is located in the South of Menghai. The area seems to have a soil well-suited for puerh tea cultivation. It is populated with many famous tea mountains, from Hekai in the North, to Lao Man E in the South, and at the core of it, the village of Lao Banzhang. All the teas there are powerful, but they feature noticeable variations.

Ba Ka Noy is a small Lahu village located in the South-West, in its ancient tea gardens lay a good amount of massive trees, which produce a particularly sweet tea with a cooling aftertaste. Unlike the neighbouring village of Lao Man E, the tea in Ba Ka Noy is not particularly bitter nor astringent.


ba ka noy


This is a tea that’s often sold labelled as Lao Banzhang, due to the proximity to the famous village, and a certain equivalence in terms of overall power. Yet, the tea from Lao Banzhang tastes different, Ba Ka Noy has an identity of its own, one of the sweetest teas you can get in Menghai area.



ba ka noy close up

The locals sell their tea in three qualities: small trees (Xiao Shu), big trees (Da Shu), and ancient trees (Gushu). Just like many villages in Banzhang area, the average size of the tea trees is much larger than in other mountains.


ba ka noy gushu