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Spring 2024 Baka


Spring 2024, old tea gardens

Very high altitude gardens growing on steep slopes, close to Bingdao village, Mengku.

Lively tea which delivers both in the nose and the mouth

Experience the alpine taste of high altitude Mengku tea


This cake was made the older tea gardens of Baka area. While not really ancient, the tea trees selected are bigger than average. The gardens are located at 1700m, this is not the highest altitude at which the tea grows there, but the gardens were established early on. 

This tea feels very refreshing and shows its qualities from the nose to the throat. You get high-pitched fragrance typical of Bingdao area, couple with a light bitterness, some astringency, a light body and a decent Huigan. It is a good daily drinker. 



On the fringes of Bingdao area

Baka is a group of three villages located 4km to the South-West of Bingdao Old Village. Despite its close proximity to the most expensive pu-erh tea village in Yunnan, the tea of Baka has remained very accessible to the savy buyer. This is explained by the absence of massive old trees there.

Despite not being blessed by the presence of ancient tea gardens, the villagers of Baka started planting tea in the 1980s. We sourced tea from the upper village, which manages the highest gardens comprised between an altitude of 1500m and 2200m.



Unlike most natural tea garden you'd find in Xishuangbanna, the farmers haven't established shade trees in the garden. At such high altitudes, the temperature and humidity are low enough to avoid most pest and disease attacks. They chose to maximize the sunlight exposure by growing the tea in open fields.


baka landscape