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Spring 2024 Bangwai Single Tree


Spring 2024, late March

This batch of 8kg comes from a single tea tree

Excellent sweetness, cha qi and chracteristic 'wu wei'

Loose leaf mao cha


Bangwai was one of the most satisfying tea mountain we features in 2023. Thanks to our good relationship with the farmer, we managed to secure the picking of a huge tea tree growing there. The harvest yielded 8kg of dry tea.


Just like many single tree productions, this one has a narrow tasting profile, you shouldn't expect complexity here. What you will get is depth instead, the mouthfeel is both present and inexistent; a rare characteristic called 'Wu Wei', a feel of emptiness in the cup highly sought-after by the Yiwu enthusiasts.


This is not a tea for beginners. If you are only beginning your journey, you might only find a bland cup of water with a faint aroma here.


Yet, if you are enjoying puerh tea for the body feel and the uniqueness of this family, you will be in for a wonderful ride.