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Spring 2024 Bangwai single trees


Spring 2024, late March

Blend of six big trees from Bangwai. 

Excellent sweetness, cha qi and chracteristic 'wu wei'


In early Spring 2024 we released a batch harvested from a single big tree. The producer sent us the harvest of six trees processed individually. We sold part of the biggest one's harvest as a single tree loose leaf tea, and blended all the rest to press these cakes. 


If you got the chance to try the single tree mao cha early on, you can compare its taste with this cake.  You can also compare it with our big tree and small tree productions. The trees used for the single tree production yielded on average 4kg of dry tea, which is quite significant. In Jingmai, it's rare to get more than 2 kg out of a single tree.


The tasting profile feels like an upgrade over the bangwai big trees: more intensity, great body feel, very relaxing. Bangwai is a great value for soft teas, we're happy to be able to offer this terroir at three different price points.