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Spring 2024 Bangwai small trees


Spring 2024, natural tea gardens of Bangwai

A unique terroir, reminding of both Jingmai and Yiwu

Pleasant mouthfeel, soft character and good endurance


This is a great daily drinker if you like a solid mouthfeel with plenty of upfront sweetness. Despite the young age of the trees, the soup feels decently thick and has a characteristic fruity fragrance. This is the kind of tea you can enjoy for hours, using long steeping times, it fits well both gongfu and grandpa brewing.





Bangwai is located halfway between Jingmai and Mengku, in the North of Lancang County.



The place is famous for a single huge tea tree, thought to be 1700 years old. This tree attracts many visitors. Tea gardens of different ages are scattered around the mountains at a high altitude.



Bangwai village


The tea has a soft character with a good fragrance. It can remind of Jingmai and Yiwu tea mixed together.