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Summer 2019 Jingmai Moonlight

  • Ancient tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked from June to August 2019, 1 bud/3 leaves
  • Shade-dried in our factory
  • Pressed into 357g pu-erh tea cakes

We were not in Jingmai during the Summer 2019, so we asked our family to harvest our ancient tea gardens (located on the plateau and on the slopes above the village). They processed the leaves in the most simple manner: spreading them sparsely on flat bamboo baskets until they dry out. In early Spring, this process takes about a day, but in Summer, the air is very wet, and it usually takes three days. During that time, the leaves oxidize, they turn red. Which is why this white tea is much redder than a Spring version would be.

The fragrance is already quite complex, featuring the palette of an autumnal forest, or a flower shop. It has a heavier sweetness than last year's version, which was made from younger garden leaves. Quite long brewing and very calming. It is as enjoyable in a mug as it is in gongfu style.

The tea will keep aging at a faster pace than Pu-erh tea. You can consider it mature within five years.