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Wen Shan Ding Big Trees

Processed on April 13th 2022

Big trees from eastern Jing Gu

Fragrant, smooth and deep Huigan

The best of eastern Jinggu

Wen Shan Ding is an area east of Jinggu town (not to be mistaken with Jinggu city, down South). Jinggu town is surrounded by mountains on the West, South and East, and by a lake on the North. The eastern mountain is the most visited one, you'll find the notable village of Ku Zhu Shan, which has acquired a good reputation in the last years.

However, good tea in Jinggu is not found around the villages but rather deep in the forests. There are still well-preserved areas and it's one of the few places where you'll find proper forest tea, just like in eastern Yiwu.

This tea comes from a couple of big trees mixed together. You can feel the forest tea type in the cup. The soup is frothy, it is filled with fragrance, not the volatile type, the kind you only perceive once the tea has cleared your throat. You'll get a highly pleasant sweetness in the back of the mouth and a thick texture for many brews.


A truly high-end experience only good Yiwu teas can match.