Wholesale Spring 2018 Jingmai Shengtai 100g

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  • natural tea garden leaves from Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked from mid-February to late April 2018
  • blend of hand and machine processed tea
  • 100g Pu-erh tea cakes

Type: Pu-erh tea

This cake is made from two kinds of teas. The earliest leaves of the season that sprout in mid-February in the lower altitude (1100-1300m) young tea gardens. These were cooked in a wok because tea leaves are sparse at that time. The second part of the blend is made of the high altitude (1400-1650m) natural tea gardens' second flush that sprouted in mid-April. We were very busy processing the ancient tea garden leaves at that time but we couldn't let this second flush on the trees. We picked them and cooked them in our small Sha Qing machine in order to reduce the workload. That type of processing gives a greener tea than our hand-processing because it is impossible to reduce the machine temperature halfway through the session.

Compared to the Jingmai Miyun, the tea has a lighter mouthfeel and higher pitched aroma. It still has a good amount of sweetness and some Huigan and makes a good daily drinker. It can be brewed about five times before starting to lose strength.

It is a good tea for beginners because it is not too aggressive, bitterness is low and medium astringency comes out after a couple of brews. It has a refreshing feel and is aging well so far.

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