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Autumn 2021 Yingpan Shan Black

Natural tea gardens from Yingpan Shan

Autumn 2021, 1 bud/ 2 leaves, medium oxidation

Perfect black daily drinker


Li Chao Yuan makes black tea almost all-year round in his small tea factory. Located 20km South-East of Pu'er City, Yingpan mountain is not on the famous tea mountains map. The material used for this tea is unremarkable, which makes this tea even more interesting.

I really don't know how Mr Li can make such a good tea in this area, but he has been supplying us with an unbeatable price for value since 2018. We regularly try teas from this area, none of them come close to Mr Li's productions. Maybe his passion for tea plays a role in the taste. This area produces tea for the mass market, and yet, Mr Li takes a lot of care into making it, running experiments and fine tuning at every opportunity.

This is therefore the best classic Yunnan black tea we can offer: affordable, forgiving to brew, easy to enjoy, and yet so rewarding to explore.

The autumn harvest is given a slightly higher degree of oxidation than the spring production, it makes the tea sweeter, less punchy, more understated. You'll particularly enjoy the fragrance that lingers in the mouth long after last sip.


Here is a brief presentation of Yingpan Shan and Mr Li's factory: