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Yiwu Ripe Pu-erh

Refined, sweet and calming


This tea was fermented in 2020 by Liu Yang in Menghai. The material used comes from natural tea gardens located in Yiwu greater area (Youle, Manzhuan and Yiwu proper). The material was selected for the softness and sweetness typical of this area.


It is one of the rare ripe pu-erh which have a proper Cha Qi, you'll feel it in the stomach as you go through the session. The fragrance is nothing to write home about, what you should focus on is the mouthfeel and body feel. It's a calming ripe pu-erh which represents the yiwu area well. You'll particularly enjoy the way the soup is layered and goes down through the mouth and throat. Perfect for a meditative gongfu session on a cold day.