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Autumn 2018 Jingmai Gushu

  • Ancient Tea Garden leaves from Jingmai Mountain
  • Late-September to mid-October 2018
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

Here is our Jingmai production from 2018. We started the production in mid-September and made tea under good weather conditions up until mid-October. We had to stop making tea after this date because of constant rains.

We sourced leaves from the ancient tea gardens that surround Jingmai village (Mang Guo, Weng Bo and some Da Ping Zhang gardens). Due to the good weather, the harvest was made at the beginning of the growth cycle, when the flushes are still tender. Therefore, we could source 1 bud/2 leaves and avoided having too much yellow flakes in the tea, this is why this cake has more buds than what is common in Autumn.

As usual, this Autumn tea has a good fragrance typical of the season. A medium-light body and good sweetness. It is more astringent than the Spring harvest and has a light bitterness.