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Tea tour

Pu-erh tea tour





If you've always dreamed about walking through the ancient tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain or meet the farmers who've made your tea for years, we can help you.

This is a 5 days/4 nights private tour that will take you on a loop in South-Western Yunnan.


You will travel in a comfortable SUV, driven by Ai Ni Pa, a professional English-speaking guide from Bada Mountain. At night, you will stay mostly in the tea villages (Nannuo, Jingmai, Bulang Shan), in simple but comfortable accommodation.


This tour aims to give you an understanding of the Pu-erh tea production in Southern Yunnan. You will get to visit large and small factories, ancient tea gardens and modern tea plantations. You will learn how Pu-erh tea is made, from cultivation to cake pressing. Finally, you will drink good tea from many prestigious areas with both traditional and modern brewing style.



The tour can be organized for one to three people. Feel free to join up with a tea friend!


Here is the program:


Day 1


Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5





The tour will cost you:


Payment is done through Paypal at the time of booking.


Accomodation from day 1 evening to day 5 morning, all the meals, guide fees, tasting fees and transportation costs are included in this price.

You'll just need to buy a plane ticket to Jinghong, book a hotel for the day before the tour start and for the last day, and a travel insurance. You can also bring some cash if you want to buy tea from the farmers.


If you hold a passport from these countries, you can visit China without a visa for 15 days, this is valid until November 30th 2024: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg

For US citizens, the tourist visa application have been simplified, you no longer have to submit proof of a round-trip flight booking, a hotel reservation, an organized itinerary or a letter of invitation


We can organize a trip once a week, starting from May 2024.


If you would like to team up with other people, you can discuss it on our Discord server.

You can check the availability on this Google Sheet


Send us an email via the contact form if you're interested: Contact Us