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Fermented Jingmai black tea

Autumn 2018 Jingmai Shengtai sun-dried black tea

Fermented in August 2020 by Mr Shi in Pu'er City, 7.2kg batch

This is a tea you've never tried.


We like to make a bit of black tea each season. It was time to try something new with this material. We gave one of our batches to Mr Shi who likes to experiment with micro-batch fermentation.

You know Pu-erh Shu Cha: take some raw Pu-erh, spray it with water, let microorganisms develop and the leaves will turn dark, leading to a whole new spectrum of flavors.

What if you used black tea instead of raw Pu-erh? This is what we tried, and you can get the result in your cup. The fragrance is unique, very spicy, like your favorite Indian dish. The soup is silky and has a medium thickness.

Interestingly, we've never come across such a tea in our ten-year journey. This is a unique tea experience.