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Spring 2018 Feng Shan

  • Old tea garden leaves from Bo Lin Village, Jinggu Mountain
  • Early Spring 2018 harvest
  • Processed by Fengbo tea workshop in Bo Lin Village, Feng Shan town.
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

Most of Jinggu's famous tea comes from Xiao Jing Gu, a little town that shares its name with the larger city of Jinggu. This tea does not come from Xiao Jing Gu but from an adjacent valley which is less famous. In Bolin village, where this tea was processed, they also have old tea gardens with big tea trees. Most of them grow in open fields and not in the forest.

This tea was very well processed and it shows in the taste. It has a complex fragrance that you can feel well in the back of the mouth. It is a smooth tea with a medium body, no bitterness and very few astringency. It's high endurance will make it a good daily drinker, it is even enjoyable when brewed directly in a mug. A calming Cha Qi and a medium Huigan appear during the session. It is the kind of tea you can drink all day, recommended for long sessions.

You will like this one if you're a fan of Yiwu tea.