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Spring 2018 Xiao Hu Sai

  • Old tea garden leaves from Xiao Hu Sai Village, Mengku, Lincang.
  • 2018 early Spring harvest
  • Pressed by Hui Rui Lan Xin tea factory
  • 357g pu-erh tea cake

Xiao Hu Sai is located on the western mountain range of Mengku area. This village has the largest old tea gardens in Mengku. They grow between 1700 and 2000m of altitude. They are planted in inequal density and grow in open fields.

Hui Rui Lan Xin is a medium-sized tea factory based in Mengku. It operates a tea processing unit in the village where the fresh leaves are collected and processed in woks. The teas are then blended and pressed in their main factory in Mengku.

Xiao Hu Sai tea has a very good thickness and a delicate fragrance, which, unlike most other mengku teas, is not high-pitched but rather reveals itself slowly as the session goes. This is a tea enjoyed for its mouthfeel, heavy Huigan and calming Qi. Very brewable, it features a light bitterness which changes fast into sweetness. If you like Yiwu teas, you will very likely love this one!