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Spring 2019 Bulang Shan

  • Natural tea gardens of Wei Dong Village, Bulang Mountain
  • Picked in early-April 2019
  • Processed by Yang Hai Mei in Wei Dong
  • Available 357g pu-erh tea cakes

 Bulang Shan is a large area that covers the South West of Xishuangbanna, all along the Burmese border. It produces some of the best plantation tea. Its ancient tea gardens are mostly concentrated around Lao Man E, whose prices have soared again this year. 

We prefer to offer good price for value. The age of the trees is only one of the many factors that influence the taste of tea. Another one is soil, and the one in Weidong village seems very fit to growing quality tea. The village is now established in the middle of a flatland, surrounded by hills on all sides. The farmers grow rice in the fertile soil of the plain while tea was planted all around the village on the high grounds.

Just like in Jingmai, tea plantations were established in Weidong about 40 years ago, first managed intensively, they have been reconverted into natural tea gardens twelve years ago under the government impulsion in order to adapt to the new demand for clean and tasty tea.

This tea has a light mouthfeel at the beginning and gets more and more intense. The bitterness is medium and pleasant, astringency is medium. You will be surprised by the intensity of the Huigan, despite this tea being from young trees, you'll get your money's worth of throat cooling. The sweetness is heavy and the fragrance is typical of Bulang tea: discreet but wild at heart.