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Spring 2019 Jingmai Ai Ban

  • Ai Ban ancient tea garden, Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked in mid-April 2019
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Pressed into 100g cakes

Ai Ban is an ancient tea garden located in the South of Da Ping Zhang plateau on Jingmai Mountain. Last year we pressed single garden tea from He Huan. Ai Ban is close to this garden and yet has different features. The tea trees are bigger, and the terrain is less steep. Rich biodiversity and a wide variety of trees bring a medium shade to this tea garden. A thick mulch of dead leaves covers most of the ground, which leads to high amount of organic matter in the soil.

The medium and small trees of the garden were harvested for this cake. We made a pressing of 8kg for this single garden production.

This tea is characterized by a pleasant mineral undertone and a good mouthfeel over the whole session. It is not highly aromatic, its expression is understated and its charm is revealed as the session goes. A long brewing tea that will deliver good Qi and give you a slightly different experience from the Jingmai Gulan.