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Spring 2019 Jingmai Single Trees

  • Ai Ban ancient tea garden, Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked in mid-April 2019, big trees only
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Pressed into 100g cakes

Ai Ban is an ancient tea garden located in the South of Da Ping Zhang plateau on Jingmai Mountain. Along with the standard quality from this garden, we asked the pickers to put aside the biggest trees of the garden in order to press them separately.

You can compare this tea with the Jingmai Ai Ban tea we've released. Both cakes come from the same garden, same harvesting time, only the tree size is different. We made 7kg of this tea, on two evenings of processing.

This single tree cake has more bitterness than the standard quality, it is of the pleasant kind: tingling on the sides of the tongue and very short lived, it will be gone at the moment you notice it.

The mouthfeel reminds of olive oil, the soup will coat your gums progressively and you will get a very deep Huigan, you will definitely feel this tea in your throat. The fragrance is different from the standard version, not necessarily better, just of another nature.

Great on its own, and even better when tasted side by side with the standard Ai Ban tea.