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Spring 2019 Mohei

  • 40-year-old plantations abandonned for 10 years
  • Picked in March 2019, first flush
  • Processed by Zhong Zhai Mountain Tea Factory
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

This tea comes from a mountain adjacent to the prestigious Kunlu Shan in Pu'er County. The mountain is located in the North-West of Mohei town and is only accessible through a tiny dirt road.

Conventional tea plantations were established in the 1980s. Following the 2007 Pu-erh crisis, the local factory went bankrupt. The tea farmers having no buyers, they abandoned the gardens and looked for other works.

In 2018, someone acquired the factory and is restoring tea production on that mountain. This tea comes from plantations that have been recultivated this year only, it is the first time tea was picked in ten years.

Despite the relatively young age of the trees, the tea has plenty of sweetness and a rich aroma. The tasting profile is similar to Kunlu Shan tea. Somewhat a combination of Jingmai and Yiwu, also similar to Jinggu tea. Not much bitterness, easy going, very good for beginners.

More information on the mountain in this video: