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Spring 2019 Nannuo

  • Ancient tea gardens from Banpo old village, Nannuo Mountain
  • Picked in late-March to early-April 2019
  • Processed by Da Fa in Banpo Laozhai
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

We pressed a first edition of this cake in 2017 and it was very enjoyed by our customers. Da Fa is our contact in Nannuo Mountain and we've been working together on several tea projects since 2012. When he's not making tea, he likes to fix motorbikes and cars, his engineering skills show in the design of his tea factory. He designed very clever systems to make processing more convenient. He cooked this tea in a gas-heated wok, which is interesting because he can control the intensity of the fire with a lever while frying the tea.

The dedication shows well in this tea, the processing quality is top-notch. The leaves were picked from the gardens of Banpo Lao Zhai, one of the most famous villages in Nannuo. The trees grow on medium slopes, the soil of his garden has a surprisingly high amount of organic matter, a dark layer of humus covers the first 30cm. The trees vary in size and grow in a lively environment, under a forest cover, at low plantation density.

This tea will please you with its heavy sweetness, medium thickness, low bitterness and good overall power. You can feel the quality of the material in the cup. Nannuo Mountain is a classic for any Pu-erh drinker and this cake is a good rendering of what the mountain can offer.