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Yongde Ripe Pu-erh

2019 Yongde old gardens material

Fermented in late 2019 in Lincang, medium-heavy fermentation

Straightforward, strong, focused on mouthfeel

Brewed in a mug or gongfu style, a perfect everyday ripe pu-erh

Yongde is often overlooked because it is located in the far North East of the Pu-erh tea producing areas. This means it is a great source of affordable ancient garden tea leaves.

yongde map

This ripe Pu-erh got a fairly heavy fermentation. Who says heavy fermentation might think 'fishy taste' but it's not the case if you don't let the pile overheat. Just like in any process, a good monitoring allows to play with the fringes without going overboard. The aroma is decent, nothing spectacular though.


ripe pu-erh tea

As you know we're very picky with ripe Pu-erh, we chose this one for its intensity. It is among the strongest ones we've come across, both in terms of mouthfeel and endurance. It is straightforward and throws everything it's got at you through ten brews. Great for warming the body on a cold day, or to stay focused while working, the brewing is very forgiving, you could brew it gongfu style as well as in a mug.


a cup of ripe puerh