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About us

Farmerleaf was created in 2016; it is the continuation of our efforts to provide high-quality teas worldwide.  We started selling tea online in 2011 with which is based in France and offers mostly Pu-erh tea. We are now based in Puer city, Yunnan, in which we have our office and storehouse. We have chosen this city because it is in the center of the Pu-erh tea production areas and the region produces a wide range of white, green and black teas, it is also a good place for storing Pu-erh tea.


white pitcher filled with tea


We have a tea factory in Yubai’s family house, on top of Jingmai Mountain. Every spring and fall, we spend a couple of weeks there, making Pu-erh tea from the ancient tea gardens of Jingmai and from younger ecological tea plantations. When we’re not in Jingmai Mountain, we travel to other tea regions in Yunnan or abroad and search for the leaves that strike a chord. We love to learn more about tea in order to improve our own technique and offer interesting tasting sessions to our customers.


blue cup of puerh tea


On this website, we offer our own Jingmai-made teas as well as Pu-erh cakes and loose-leaf black, oolong, green and white teas from other tea producers. We try to provide both tasty and affordable leaves.

We hope you will enjoy our tea supply service, if you have any questions business or tea related, feel free to contact us.


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