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Our Team

Yubai was born in Jingmai, a famous tea mountain in Yunnan, China. During her childhood, her family would harvest their ancient tea gardens and sell the leaves to other tea factories. In 2011, when she was twenty years old, she decided to create a small tea factory on her own to help her family. She would process fresh leaves and find customers for her homemade Jingmai  Pu-erh tea. In 2015, she started to press cakes under her own label Jing Yu Tian Xiang 景域天香.


William Osmont has been passionate about tea since he was 16 years old, after high school, he spent one year in China to learn Mandarin and explore the tea mountains of Southern Yunnan. He met Yubai in Jingmai Mountain and they fell in love.  After his return from China, he opened a website,, which has provided hundreds of tea enthusiasts in the West with high-quality Pu-erh tea. He studied agricultural engineering for five years in France and has now settled down in Yunnan. He is very interested in sustainable tea growing and wants to promote organic farming practices to the smallholder tea producers.


William Osmont