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2014-2016 Wuliang Shan

  • Old natural tea gardens of Wuliang Mountain
  • Blend of several areas and harvests from 2014 to 2016
  • Mao Cha sourced from small tea farmers in Wuliang area
  • Blended and pressed by Li Chen Zhong, 357g cakes

Here is another blend made by our friend Li Chen Zhong, who has a tea shop in Pu'Er city and runs the Wuhao tea factory in Yicang Village, Wuliang Mountain.

This is a mid-range blend made from mao cha of several villages and harvests in Wuliang area. We tend to prefer Wuliang tea with a bit of aging and this tea is getting well started. It is made from superior quality tea gardens, blended with the intent of striking a good balance between bitterness, sweetness and power.

It is a robust tea with a somewhat thick soup, a good chunk of fast-changing bitterness and a bold sweetness that comes fast after swallowing the tea. A straight and dynamic tea that makes a good daily drinker if you like above average strength and satisfying complexity.