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2022 Da Du Gang Ripe


Da Du Gang old natural tea gardens, Northern Xishuangbanna

Fermented in Menghai in Winter 2022, medium fermentation

Complex and powerful, woody and spicy


This is the largest production of our friend in Menghai. 10 tons of tea were piled up for this batch and fermented at a lower temperature than typical. This gives a lighter fermentation with a stronger 'taste of the pile' or Dui Wei, but a better aging potential, retaining more of the raw material's character.


This tea will develop a more complex fragrance over the next years. The Dui Wei is quite strong as of November 2023, but it is still a pleasant one. The mouthfeel packs a good punch thanks to the low temperature fermentation. You will enjoy the juicy mix of sweetness and bitterness. The tea offers good dynamics, it is well-layered. Beyond the fermentation taste, which vanishes after a couple of brews, lies a woody and spicy fragrance.


A great ripe Pu-erh experience!


The material comes from the same area as our Da Long Shan Ripe, but the gardens are grown in a more natural environment, without fertilizer. This produces leaves with a higher concentration of tannins and gives a stronger taste. The area is not famous for high quality tea but some good ancient tea gardens and natural tea gardens can be found high in the mountains.