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2022 Da Long Shan Ripe

Plantation material from Da Long Shan, Northern Xishuangbanna

Fermented in Menghai in Winter 2022, heavy fermentation

Strong and chocolatey daily drinker, good minerality


This is a solid entry-level ripe Pu-erh with all the characteristics of a classic Menghai taste. 5500kg of plantation material from Da Long Shan was fermented in Winter 2022. The heavy fermentation gives a very dark soup and a hint of chocolate in the fragrance. For its price, it features a decent minerality and some Huigan. The fragrance is muted and herbaceous, it is more enjoyed in the mouth than in the nose.


Da Long Shan belongs to the Da Du Gang areas, where the first modern tea plantations were established in Southern Yunnan in the 1950s. It is not considered a famous area in Xishuangbanna, but the plantation tea produced there are a staple of the classic Menghai blends. Located East of the Mekong river, it doesn't feature the characteristic taste of Menghai tea, nor is it as soft as Eastern Xishuangbanna material, it lies right in the middle.