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2022 Kunlu Shan Ripe


Kunlu Shan natural tea gardens

Fermented in Menghai in Winter 2022, heavy fermentation

Rich fruity fragrance, well-layered in the mouth


This gives a very endurant tea which you can brew all day. The tea offers a flattering opening with a comlplex fragrance, and a texture which reminds of chewing clay. It is silky and coats the gums actively, you will also feel a nice aftertaste in the throat, which is quite rare in the ripe Pu-erh tea world.


Kunlu Shan is a famous tea mountain located North of Pu'Er City. It is known for its heavy sweetness and soft profile. 2500kg of good material was collected and fermented in Menghai. This tea is unusual because it uses material not typically fermented in the Menghai style. It went through a heavy fermentation which led to an emphasis on the natural sweetness of the raw material.