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2022 Naka Ripe

Naka plantation material, Menghai area

Fermented in Winter 2022 in Menghai, medium-heavy fermentation

Some bitterness, creamy, balanced between fragrance and mouthfeel


This tea was fermented in Menghai, with a low amount of water, which encourages fungi growth over bacterial growth and allows the pile to heat up quickly.

Naka tea is a staple of the Menghai taste, the plantations there grow at high altitude and are commonly blended with Souther Menghai material, they bring the high pitched fragrance to the blend. This tea has a classic menghai profile with a light but intense mouthfeel, moderate bitterness and hints of milk and hay in the fragrance.


Naka is located in the large Mengsong area, the highest mountains of Xishuangbanna, where highly fragrant and mineral tea is produced.