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2022 Youle Ripe Puerh

Youle mountain, natural tea garden material

Fermented in Menghai, 500kg batch


This tea is a recent production of Liu Yang, our good friend in Menghai, who dedicates his life to tea fermentation. When we visited him after the Spring 2022, he was trying recently fermented teas in his shop. He has developed an array of technique to minimize the 'pile taste', or Dui Wei, and obtain ripe puerh teas drinkable soon after their production. This is one of those batches. It comes from a medium-sized pile, only 500kg, which allows to use superior material.


Nothing fancy about this tea. It is a solid daily drinker made of pesticide-free material. It has everything you would expect from a ripe: decent thickness, endurance, and a good bite that calls for another cup.