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Autumn 2015 Jingmai Gushu Black

Autumn 2015 Sun-dried Black tea

Ancient tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain

A deep black tea experience with a refined fragrance

No acidity, bitterness or astringency, very soft.


A work of patience

This tea was made by a cousin of Yubai's. It has aged for five years in Pu'er City. Sometimes, you don't need to go to remote mountains to find tea gems. We found this one in our storage room, among boxes of diverse teas. It is a tea we acquired in 2016, when we moved to Puer. For unknown reasons, we didn't sell the tea and forgot it. Such discoveries truly make your day!


The best comfort tea you will find

After five years of aging, this tea has developed a very complex fragrance. Being from autumn, it isn't as strong as our spring black teas. Autumn tea features a different aroma palette from Spring teas. This one is flowery, herbaceous and spicy. Not a hint of bitterness or acidity, the mouthfeel is very soft and somewhat thick. Sweetness layers your mouth progressively through the session.

You could enjoy the tea Gongfu style to get the most fragrance, or you could take it as a pure treat and throw the leaves in a big mug, simply enjoying the harmony and serenity that transpire from these leaves.

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