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Fall 2016 Jingmai Natural

  • 40-year-old natural tea garden leaves 1 bud/2 leaves from Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked and processed in October 2016
  • Made in our tea factory in Jingmai
  • Available in 100g pu-erh tea cakes

Our autumn production of 2016 is very refreshing. We managed to get a steady supply of excellent one bud/two leaves grade over two weeks. We called this tea Lawasa, which you can find stamped on the cakes with the Chinese characters 腊瓦萨; this is not Chinese but Dai dialect. 

Jingmai mountain is partly inhabited by the Dai minority, Yubai, the co-owner of this website, belongs to this ethnicity. The Dai people celebrate a major festival that runs from August to October. It is called the "closed-door festival" during which the old folks should dedicate time to their spiritual life. Every week, a celebration day is held at the temple until the "open-door day" which marks the end of the three-months-long festival. "La" means tea in the Dai language and "Wasa" designates the period during which the closed-door festival runs, from August to October. Hence the name "La Wasa".

This tea has a distinctive fragrance, something you couldn't get in spring. The mouthfeel is light; some oiliness can be felt on the tongue, and the scents linger pretty well. It is a very good daily drinker and suits to those who want the fragrance of Pu-erh tea without its bitterness.


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