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Autumn 2019 Jingmai Micro-batch

A very special ripe pu-erh, you'll be surprised by the fragrance!


In Autumn 2020, we gave mr Shi 10kg of Autumn 2019 natural tea gardens tea that we had processed in our factory in Jingmai. Mr Shi has been experimenting with micro-batch pu-erh tea fermentation for a couple of years and he's always trying new things.


He gave this batch a light fermentation, the tea soup looks like black tea and won't get as dark as the common ripe pu-erh you can find. This results in a lighter body but a unique and very pleasant fragrance which remains throughout the session. The tea is light, probably due to the original material being an autumn picking from plantations. Yet, its fragrance will give you a different shu pu-erh experience. I especially recommend grandpa style for this one.