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Autumn 2020 Jingmai Gushu

Autumn 2020 ancient tea garden leaves from Da Ping Zhang, Jingmai.

A different processing style, taste the result!

Good for aging



We didn't make much tea in Autumn 2020 because we were busy with other projects and the never-ending rains didn't leave us a large window of opportunity to make good tea.

Yet, it would be too bad not to offer this vintage. This tea was made by our cousin, she has very well-located ancient tea gardens in Da Ping Zhang. This tea was processed with a slightly shorter kill-green than we do in our factory. This is closer to how Pu-erh tea was processed twenty years ago, what some people call the 'traditional style'.


autumn pu-erh tea cake


With this cake, you will taste one of the multiple facets of Jingmai tea, a small alteration in processing can lead to a vast change in profile. The tea was not ready to be sold right after its production, but a couple of months of aging have brought out its qualities.

This tea will deliver more sweetness but less Huigan than with our processing style. It is well-rounded and delivers a herbaceous fragrance array. Very good endurance as far as autumn tea goes and likely to improve further along the years.