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Autumn 2021 Experimental Black #5

Autumn 2021 harvest

Sun-dried black tea

Jingmai natural tea gardens 1 bud/2 leaves

Overnight oxidation with leaves thinly laid on bamboo mats


This batch was made on day four of our black tea production run. We used tender 1 bud/2 leaves material from the natural tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain. The leaves were processed in a similar way as batch #4: 28 hour withering, one hour of tight rolling, overnight oxidation and partial drying while the leaves were thinly laid on flat bamboo baskets, and sun-drying on the next day.

Interestingly, despite using the same method as for batch #4, this tea has a lower level of oxidation. This could be explained by differences in temperature and humidity during the night (parameters we didn't monitor), or a quicker drying on the next day due to clearer skies.

This tea features a more floral aroma than batch #4. The fragrance feels muffled at the beginning of  the session and develops in the mouth more than in the nose. The soup has a medium thickness, low acidity and medium astringency. You'll particularly enjoy the balance between the acidity and astringency, which changes over the brews and makes the session more dynamic.