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Autumn 2021 Jingmai Gushu

Autumn 2021 ancient tea garden leaves from Da Ping Zhang, Jingmai.

Made in our factory in Jingmai

Typical Jingmai autumnal fragrance and plenty of sweetness



We arrived late in Jingmai for the autumn 2021 production run, most of the ancient tea gardens had already been harvested. This is good news for the tea enthusiasts, because the best autumn leaves come at the end of the season.

We only processed 15kg of this tea. We used our preferred processing method for autumn tea: a long sha qing with a high temperature start and a colder finish, all the while preserving the steam throughout the session. Each batch takes about half an hour to process. This method gives a vibrant tea and more sweetness than a short cooking. The leaves turn yellow as the chlorophyll is degraded, just like when stir-frying vegetables in a pan. The drawback is we get more yellow flakes than usual, but it's a worthy trade-off in our opinion because we avoid having red stems in the tea.

We hope you'll enjoy this limited production, as usual for an autumn Jingmai, it features a special fragrance, heavy sweetness and a touch of bitterness if you push the leaves. You'll get a good amount of lingering sweetness after the session and a calming body feel.