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Autumn 2022 Jingmai Black #1

High altitude natural tea gardens material from Jingmai Mountain

1 bud/3 leaves, medium oxidation, sun-dried black tea


Every season, we like to experiment with black teas. We're only processing the leaves from ancient tea gardens into Pu-erh tea, but the autumn season is scarce in material. When our relative had brought her leaves from a good young garden near Da Ping Zhang plateau, we couldn't turn her off. It was time to experiment...


The weather was cold. We laid the leaves thinly and let them wither for 30 hours. It's important to make sure the leaves are soft enough, otherwise you'll get a tea puree in the rolling machine. We also had to wait for the evening to start rolling.


This is what we did, we gave a one hour-long roll, applying pressure progressively down to a medium point. As the cold night was coming, we stuffed the leaves into a bag, in a small ball, and let it oxidize. On the next day, we laid the reddened leaves our drying mats at dawn. By early afternoon, the leaves were dry and crispy.

This tea went through a 10 hour-long oxidation with low temperature. This leads to a medium oxidation, giving out some sourness and a balance between aromatic complexity and mouthfeel. We hope you will enjoy it!