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Autumn 2022 Jingmai Gushu

Autumn 2022 ancient tea garden leaves from Da Ping Zhang, Jingmai.

Made in our factory in Jingmai

Very good year, recommended for aging, good sweetness and fragrance, some bitterness.



This year, the weather was great in Jingmai. We had few rains and no issues with drying tea, which allowed us to produce continuously through October. However, the yield of the gardens keeps decreasing. For the second year in a row, the tea farmers didn't harvest the summer sprouts in the ancient tea gardens. This impacts the autumn harvest, because many trees will produce flowers instead of tea leaves. It was therefore hard to get fresh leaves.


We managed to make 100kg of dry tea, which is not too bad, especially when you consider the quality. This is one of the best autumn season we've had. The tea feels lively and powerful. The liquor is thick and has plenty of aroma to deliver. Good endurance and interesting developments over the session. This tea will likely age well, we recommend you stock up on this vintage, probably as good as it gets once in a decade.