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Autumn 2023 Fen Shui Ling Oriental Beauty

1 bud/2 leaves bug bitten material

Unmanaged Qinxin Oolong plantation

Very comforting, great fragrance


This tea comes from a very low yield tea garden located in Fen Shui Ling, Jinggu area. The Qingxin oolong gardens were planted by a taiwanese tea maker and then reclaimed by a young local tea maker.

Over the course of the Summer, he brought me a couple of samples of his oriental beauty, but I found the oxidation level too high. He then made a special batch for us with an oxidation level comparable to the tea we source in Ailao Mountain. It is interesting to compare the two. He acquired the plantation recently, the tea trees are left mostly unmanaged, which translates in a low production. He only made 50kg of oriental beauty this year.

Earlier in 2023, we sourced an exquisite black tea from this plantation. This oriental beauty has a more conventional profile, with a typical fragrance and a solid mouthfeel.