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Autumn 2023 Jingmai Gushu

Fresh loose leaf Pu-erh tea from the farm

Ancient tea garden material, Jingmai Mountain

Processed in our factory

Typical autumn Jingmai fragrance, heavy sweetness, light mouthfeel


As usual, we like to give you an early tasting of the upcoming cakes. This autumn harvest started late, we had rain until early-October. A good tea farmer needs to be patient and act at the right time. By mid-october, the sun was shining and the air got cooler. As the tea trees move towards there winter dormancy, the material grows coarser, but more concentrated in taste. We sorted the yellow flakes out of this batch.


We hope you will enjoy the unique tasting profile late autumn puerh tea offers. Its fragrance is unique and the general experience feels softer that Spring tea. You can get at least five strong brews from this maocha. It remains smooth and silky over the session, delivering heavy sweetness from the start and a complex aroma all along.