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Autumn 2023 Lao Man E small trees


Natural tea gardens from Lao Man E village, Bulang Shan, Menghai

Good minerality, punchy and entertaining


We couldn't finish the 2023 year without releasing an Autumn Lao Man E, this is one of our favorite village for good Pu-erh tea. Processed by Ai Xiang Nan, as usual, his production doesn't disappoint.


The tea feels fresh. Medium bitterness and astringency give good dynamics to this tea. It feels lively and highly mineral. It bites the mouth for a few seconds, and flows downs easily as you swallow it. This makes it an energizing daily drinker that will keep you fueled for a dozen infusions. It's also a safe bet for aging.


Lao Man E is the most prestigious village in Bulang Shan area, to learn more about it, you can watch a replay of this live-stream: