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Ba Da Ye Single Tree

Spring 2022, only one tree harvested

Single tree from Zhenyuan

Slowly building up in your nose, mouth and throat

Lots of Huigan and relaxing Chaqi

Take a peek at Zhenyuan through a single tree

This tea was picked from only one huge tree, 4kg of dry tea were made.

zhenyuan single tea tree


The was picked in Ba Da Ye Mountain, which separates Zhenyuan from Jinggu county, under the supervision of Luo Kai Yin, our main contact in Jinggu. He carried the leaves back to his factory and processed them himself.

This is the only single tree tea we will sell this year, we have a couple of them that we'll blend and press into cakes. We usually prefer blending several big trees together, but we'd like you to try this one on its own.

As expected for such a tea, it will hold most of its potential in the first brews, you need to dedicate it a long session to appreciate it in full. What you'll notice from the first brew though, is the oily character and the thickness of the soup, it reminds us of the good Yiwu teas.


No bitterness and very low astringency in this one. You can expect a smooth sailing towards heaven as the session goes through. Take your time, relax and let the Qi of this tea carry you away and the Huigan linger for hours. This sounds like bullshit marketing, but let me remind you that you're on a very serious website. This tea is worth a try.