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Gongfu Starter Pack

Start your journey with a basic gongfu set and ten samples




This starter pack will allow you to begin your exploration of gongfu brewing and pu-erh tea culture. We've assembled a basic gongfu set and ten samples of varying age, terroirs and quality to give you a first glimpse of what awaits you. The samples consist mainly of young raw pu-erh.


Here is the what contains the pack:

Gongfu set:

-a small 60mL white porcelain Gaiwan

-a glass tea pitcher

-two blue tea cups



-Spring 2017 Xiao Hu Sai

-2004 Jingmai

-Spring 2021 Jingmai Gulan

-Spring 2021 Jingmai Miyun

-2021 Jingmai Ripe

-Spring 2018 Jingmai Miyun

-Spring 2021 Huey Wa Small Trees

-2021 Mengku Ripe

-Autumn 2021 Lao Man E

-Summer 2021 Moonlight White