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Jingmai Beauty

  • Ancient tea gardens of Jingmai mountain
  • Picked from June to August 2016
  • Made in Jingmai by Ye Jing Yu
  • Loose leaf Oolong tea

A beautiful tea made in Jingmai. The processing is similar to taiwanese oriental beauty but the leaves are rolled like a bi luo chun. Summer ancient tea garden material was used to make this tea. This is a heavily oxidized Oolong similar to oriental beauty, though the rolling process used is different and turns the tea leaves into little balls, similar to Bi Luo Chun green tea. 

This is a very special tea that has a history of its own on Jingmai mountain:

Traditionnally, Pu-erh tea was the main focus on Jingmai mountain, it was a simple tea that didn't require specific machinery to be made. Then came black tea, which required some degree of expertise and rolling machines. As time goes, the different ways of processing tea spread across the tea mountains. The knowledge from this one comes from the sleeping beauty: Taiwan. 

In the 90's, a group of Taiwanese tea makers opened a tea factory on Jingmai mountain: the 101 tea factory. They would produce Taiwanese style tea and take advantage of the good raw material available on this tea mountain. They employed locals to help them in the factory, business was really good. 

But soon, those who worked in the tea factory would leave their job and imitate the processings they had learn to make taiwanese-style tea on their own. This is how this technology spreads in the villages of Jingmai mountain. 

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