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Jingmai Ancient Gardens 2011

  • Ancient tea garden material from Jingmai mountain
  • Picked in early Spring 2011, stored in Puer City, Yunnan
  • Hand-processed by Yubai, the first cake produced in her tea factory!
  • Pressed into 357g pu-erh tea cakes in 2014

This Pu-erh tea cake has a special place in our heart. That was the first production made by Yubai in 2011, the beginning of her tea making journey. The years have passed, she has acquired experience and refined her processing skills since then. The wok temperature for frying tea leaves was too low by our current standards. Hence, the tea had a redder aspect than our more recent productions.

Despite being unremarkable right after its production, time has made wonders on this tea. Six years of aging have gifted this tea with plenty of refinement. It is a gentle one, slowly coating the mouth and delivering a comfortable freshness. The fragrance is in its middle-age, still showing signs of its origin while displaying clear storage aromas: hints of wet autumnal forests, mushrooms and moss back by a fruity sweetness. It is an enjoyable tea for beginners because this cake is a smooth semi-aged pu-erh tea exempt of aggressiveness. 

Puer city is a great place to store Pu-erh tea. Its location in the middle south of Yunnan coupled with its middle altitude (1200m) is a fine compromise between clearly wet Xishuangbanna storage and overly dry Kunming. The Pu-erh tea leaves were stored in their loose form (maocha) until 2014, at which time they were pressed into cakes.

You will love it!


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