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Jingmai Natural Gardens 2014

  • 40-year-old natural tea garden leaves one bud/two leaves from Jingmai mountain
  • Picked from early March to mid-April 2014
  • Processed by Yubai in our Jingmai tea factory
  • Available in 200g pu-erh tea cakes
  • Stored in Xishuangbanna for one year and in Puer City since 2015

These Pu-erh tea cakes were stored in the hot and humid conditions of Jinghong City, the capital of Xishuangbanna located at the extreme South of Yunnan Province. Aging Pu-erh tea there is comparable to a Guangdong storage, Pu-erh tea acquires a distinctive fragrance, and it is relatively easy to tell apart dry-stored from wet-stored cakes. 


After one year of aging in the moist environment of Xishuangbanna, the cake has been transferred to our warehouse in Puer city, at a higher elevation. The climate there is slightly colder and dryer, this is a great place for aging Pu-erh tea. The cake still looks like young tea: the tea gives out a bright and clear golden soup. However, as soon as you smell it, you can notice this tea has had a special storage. The fragrance is sophisticated and very present. In the mouth, the soup behaves lightly; everything happens through the nose.

This is a great tea for those who like fragrant tea without bitterness and astringency and also a fascinating example of what a dual environment storage can give. The aroma is unique and worthy. We made two pressings: 200g and 357g cakes, make your choice!