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Jingmai Sun-dried Black - Autumn

Natural tea gardens from the upper slopes of Jingmai Mountain

Autumn 2021, 1 bud/ 2 leaves, medium-light oxidation

Good balance between sweetness, fragrance and acidity


Over the Autumn 2021 harvest in Jingmai, we made a couple of black tea batches, testing different processing parameters. This one was made using 1 bud/ 2 leaves grade from our natural tea gardens.


We rolled the tea in the evening. The traditional black tea processing involves a piling step after the rolling, in order to let the leaves oxidize for a couple of hours. We skipped that step. Instead, we immediately laid the leaves thinly on flat bamboo baskets. The leaves would partially oxidize and dry overnight. We carried the bamboo baskets out in the open on the next morning to finish the drying under the sun.

You can notice by looking at the brewed leaves that the oxidation is not as complete as in other black teas. The oxidation level of a black tea has a huge influence on its taste and fragrance.


The result is well balanced and very enjoyable. A light oxidation will bring out bitterness, while too much of it will lead to a sour tea and a weak fragrance. After four months of aging, this tea delivers a good tasting profile. You'll enjoy it both grandpa-style and in a Gaiwan.


Here is a brief presentation of Yingpan Shan and Mr Li's factory: