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Mang Guo Big Trees

Processed on April 13th 2022

Ancient tea garden leaves from Weng Bo, Jingmai village

An experience of purity and cleanliness

Smooth, understated and throat-coating


Try tea from really big trees

Mang Guo garden is located just down our house, the garden is picked by Ye Hen, our cousin. The soil in this garden is more fertile than on the top of the mountain, the trees produce more leaves and grow faster. This means the old trees are larger on average than in the rest of Jingmai and this mao cha is made of four of the largest trees in the garden.

This is a suitable tea to study the impact of tree size on the taste of tea. If you've experienced it before, this one will not disappoint.

The mao cha is nothing special in its opening, you won't find a fancy fragrance or a devastating bitterness. You need to give a couple of brews to this tea to realize your mouth feels clean, no need to brush your teeth anymore.

When you get tea from such trees, you should dedicate all your attention on the mouth and throat feel, it is a smooth one and will coat your esophagus steadily.


Don't drink this tea if you don't have an hour to dedicate it, this would be a waste.