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Spring 2008 Ku Zhu Shan

Ku Zhu Shan is one of the most famous areas in Jinggu mountain. It's been very hot on the market in the past years, but Mr Yang was there long before the heat, back in 2008, he was already pressing tea from that area, which, at the time, was barely known outside the tea circles of Puer prefecture.

Young Ku Zhu Shan tea has a different profile from the usual Jinggu tea, it is both fragrant and bitter. This tea is nearly a decade old, and bitterness has vanished. Fragrance was preserved well through the year, thanks to the special storage method of Mr Yang: restricting air flow during aging. This method apparently slows down the aging process, and this tea looks greener than it should be if it had been stored in a more classic way.

The main features of this tea are heavy sweetness in the mouth, complex aged fragrance and light but enduring Huigan.