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Spring 2012 Nanzuo Shengtai

  • Natural tea gardens of Nanzuo Village, Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked in Spring 2012
  • Processed by Chen Xiao Hua in Nanzuo Village
  • Pressed into 357g pu-erh tea cakes, aged in Jingmai Mountain

This tea comes from Nanzuo village, a remote village on Jingmai Mountain. It was made by Chen Xiao Hua, our friend from Nanzuo. It was actually his first production. Starting out as a tea maker can be difficult, because you don't know tea buyers, which means it's common to end up with a part of the production unsold. Chen Xiao Hua pressed the remaining tea in cakes and let it age, he now feels confident to sell it, after five years of aging.

The tea has age remarkably well for a tea stored in the tea mountains. In Jingmai, the summer season is very wet and a lot of tea turns moldy if it isn't well protected. This tea was well wrapped and survived five dangerous summers on Jingmai Mountain. When it arrived in Puer in late Spring 2017, it had a bit of that mountain wetness, this trait has toned down and now is left a sweet and mineral tea, aged in moderately dry conditions. It features a decent huigan that comes after a couple of brews. It was processed on the redder side and this trait can still be found in the tea nowadays, the fragrance is on  the fruity side.

A very brewable and inexpensive tea that makes a great daily drinker if you like semi-aged Pu-erh teas.